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Product description

• Tank: Plastic

• Carried at the side or optionally on the back

(with padded carrying straps)

• Seals: NBR

• Nozzle: Brass, hollow cone 1.1 mm

• Spray wand: Brass 40 cm, 360° rotatable

• Hose: Spiral hose 2.5 m

Compresor MESTO Maxima

  • Special features of the product

    • Separate filler opening with large integrated

    funnel and filling screen

    • Measuring cup in the lid

    • Pressure gauge with safety valve

    • Spare parts compartment with spare seals

    • With additional brass extension wand 40 cm

    • Practical wall bracket


    • No. 7121M padded back carrying straps

    • Extension wands up to 150 cm

    • No. 3916 Spray shield

    • No. 3914D Spray shield

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